Research & Development

Research is essential for the Decheng as product life cycles are generally under three years: Customers seek to continually enhance product features. By the end of 2015 Decheng developed more than 100 chemical formulae mixes. The company typically develops around ten new formulae per year.

Research is key to success Decheng’s research center is 17 employees strong and consists of three departments: The R&D department, a technical department and quality control. In total these represent more than a tenth of the Group’s total workforce.

The DNA of Decheng At Decheng, innovation is at the core of the company’s DNA. Although one of the leaders in polyurethane resin research for textile coating in the PRC, Decheng continues on its path of constant innovation. Decheng has registered industry standards, which other manufacturers, who want to produce similar products, must comply to.

Fruitful cooperation Decheng conducts its R&D activities in-house as well as in cooperation with external research institutions. Currently, two common projects with external institutes are carried out. In cooperation with the Chinese Academy of Sciences Institute of Haixi and Fujian Normal University, the R&D department is working on solvent-free and flame retardant resins.

Leading expertise The research and development team is headed by Han Chun Woo with almost 30 years experience since graduating from the Department of Polymer Science and Engineering Seoul National University, South Korea. He has worked for Decheng since 2005 and is responsible for the Group’s research and development.