Decheng is focused on developing and manufacturing advanced polyurethane resins that add key properties to textiles and leathers including waterproofing and improving fire resistance. Additional features include improved handling of sweat in functional textiles and anti-yellowing properties.

Focus on resin

Resins are viscous liquids, which harden such as varnishes, adhesives or glazing agents in foods. Synthetic oil based resins include polyurethane resins and polyvinyl chloride resins amongst others. Decheng has specialized in manufacturing polyurethane resins. These are used to add properties to customers’ textiles and leathers such as waterproofing and flame resistance as well as a range of other performance enhancing features.

Competitive advantage

In some regions in China certain Decheng formulations are the official benchmark to which competitors must comply. Decheng produces its polyurethane resins using isocyanates such as MDI and TDI and also bridging agents and accelerator additives. Customers in the leather and textile industry combine these with Decheng polyurethane resins to achieve the desired product properties.