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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the German securities code number (WKN) and the International Securities Identification Number (ISIN) for the shares of Decheng Technology AG?

The German securities code number (WKN) for Decheng Technology AG shares is A1YDDM, the International Securities Identification Number for the shares of Decheng Technology AG is DE000A1YDDM9. The trading symbol is 333.

How can I purchase shares of Decheng Technology AG?
You need the Security Identification Numbers, WKN or ISIN (WKN: A1YDDM / ISIN: DE000A1YDDM9 / trading symbol: 333) to purchase the shares of Decheng Technology AG. Investors may subscribe for the shares through any custodian bank with ACON Actienbank AG acting as book runner.

When does the subscription period start and when does it end?
The subscription period is expected to start on 06 June 2016 and is expected to end on 20 June 2016 at 10 pm.

How can I buy the Decheng Technology AG share after the subscription period has ended?
After the share is listed in the General Standard of Frankfurt Stock Exchange (scheduled for 28 June 2016) shares of Decheng Technology AG may be ordered through any custodian bank.

On which stock exchanges is Decheng Technology AG listed?
The shares of Decheng Technology AG are traded in the General Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (Deutsche Börse) and on XETRA (electronic trading system).

Why is Decheng Technology AG issuing the shares in Germany?
XETRA is one of the leading global trading platforms and provides access from all over the world. Also, a listing in the General Standard Segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange Germany provides transparency for investors and market participants.

Will there be dividend payments by Decheng Technology AG?
Decheng Technology AG plans to pay a dividend to shareholders starting 2017.

How will Decheng Technology AG use the proceeds from the share issuing?
The proceeds from the share issuing will be used to finance the growth of Decheng Technology AG. In order to be able to enter into new markets Decheng Technology AG plans to expand its R&D activities. Decheng Technology AG plans to develop new PU resin fiber coatings for the garment and sports industry and the synthetic leather industry. Also, the company plans to expand its market share in China and to increase its production capacity. Thus 50% of the proceeds will be assigned to R&D, 30% to working capital, 20% to marketing activities.

Which accounting standards does the Decheng Technology AG use?
The accounts of Decheng Technology AG are prepared in accordance with IAS/IFRS (International Accounting Standards/International Financial Reporting Standards).

When is the next General Shareholders Meeting?
The Annual General Shareholders Meeting of Decheng Technology AG is scheduled to take place in August 2017.

How many employees does Decheng Technology AG have?
Decheng Technology AG has 123 fulltime staff (as of 31 December 2015).

How does Decheng Technology AG see its long-term outlook?
Due to the growth of the Chinese economy, Decheng Technology AG sees further potential for expansion of existing sales in the Chinese market. China’s ongoing urbanization and the increase of disposable income of the urban population are regarded as key drivers for the business of the Company’s end customers and thus for Decheng Technology AG. Furthermore, the 13th Chinese 5 Year Plan (2016–2020) encourages environmentally friendly living and energy efficiency. This could be a driver for the Polyurethane industry. The Company intends to further develop its products in a way that will enable Decheng to enter into new markets. More information can be found in the prospectus available for download at > Investor Relations > IPO.

Where can I get more information?
Detailed information on the share and the company including a description of the risks that are related to an investment in Decheng Technology AG shares may be found in the share prospectus which can be downloaded at > Investor Relations > IPO. If you have any other questions, please contact Investor Relations (

The above information pertain only to the Group.